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Jamie & Grant's Intimate Red River Gorge Micro Wedding

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

From the moment I entered the cabin I was treated like family. Jamie met me on the porch and welcomed me in like we'd known each other our whole lives.

When wedding planning everyone has an opinion. Your mom has an opinion. Great Aunt Gertrude has an opinion. Ashley on the facebook Bride group has an opinion. Wedding Planning becomes about pleasing everyone... except the two of you. Your desires get lost in the mix.

It was so refreshing to walk into Jamie & Grants Micro Wedding and see that they had full control over the details that were special to them.

From the rings brought in on a carabiner.

To her Sperry's brand hiking boots in honor of her new last name being "Sperry".

To the dried citrus intermixed in all of the florals because she saw them in the after Christmas sales and loved the color.

To the cake topper lovingly crafted by family with attention to detail so that the dress would match Jamie's.

Grant was emotional all day and so was everyone else. "We can cry together, buddy."

The ceremony arch was hand crafted by Jamie's father, so that they can marry under it and take it home as a rose arbor in their garden.

"I love you, my rock." ~ Jamie to her mother.

Many, many tears were shed throughout the ceremony.

They were surrounded by the sweetest crowd of only their closest family and friends.

The wedding was planned quickly so Grant's grandparents could be in attendance.

They expressed how it feels after a long wedding day.

They cozied up in a hand made quilt for a family tradition.

For being the day before Spring, it was surprisingly cold. But they were troopers and let me take some photos of them around the cabin.

Their love is infectious! They just ooze happiness!

Planning a Red River Gorge Wedding or Elopement of your own? I would love to be a part! Find out more here or reach out!


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