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Colorful Jewel Toned Kentucky Wedding

Updated: Feb 22

Venue: The Perfect Place Wedding & Event Venue Photographer: Resonate Wedding Photography Catering and Drinks: Smoke Rollin BBQ and Shenanigans and Southern Spirits Cake and Cupcakes: Dream Cakes Music: Kenny Chenault

I absolutely adore this couple. Brooke and Cordell are everything I love about this job. Through their Engagement, Bridals session, and Wedding, they've continued to trust me with every pose and knock them all out of the park. They are such a delight to be around and make everyone around them feel special.

The forecast for the day of looked just fine. There was some rain previously, but it seemed to all be out of the way. However, as soon as I left the getting ready house at Perfect Place to head to get reception details, a cloud burst and begin pouring the moment my foot made it in the door of the barn. I was by myself surrounded by storms and left with nothing to do but to capture all the amazing details for quite a while, so that's exactly what I did.

I just had to show just how crazy the weather was that day. I always love the way the fog lies in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky, but especially after an unexpected storm.

Their wedding day could not have come together more beautifully. I knew from her Bridal session that Brooke would be wearing these jeweled Betsey Johnson boots. I sat her ring on the side of the boots for this eye catching ring shot.

Brooke got ready together with their daughters, making sure the take time for the girls to take selfies with her throughout the day.

Seriously, is this not Princess Kate??

I think we've got some major Shania Twain vibes going on here.

First Look with Cordell.

Are they not the most dashing couple?

The ceremony area at The Perfect Place Wedding and Event Venue

This is my friend tiny bird, who sat on this pew waiting for the ceremony to start.

The Flower Man was a nice touch.

Brooke is the happiest bride.

This isn't a pose, I noticed when I went to show the ceremony photos to Brooke and Cordell after that the girls had naturally posed themselves in this way.

I loved that they didn't question why I told them to stand in a particular spot in the middle of the grass with a video light behind them, and then ducked behind a wall of hanging strands of Christmas lights.


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