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8 Cute Engagement Photo Outfits From Things You Already Have In Your Closet

Girl/Boy Next Door

Her: Slouchy Sweaters, Solid Tanks, Flowy Shawls, Cute Jeans, Statement Jewelry, Boots

Him: Classic Jeans, Button-Ups, Pullovers, Boots

When: Spring/Summer

Where: At Home, Your Backyard, Around A Barn

Layer It Up: Begin with a foundation of a solid, fitted tank for you and white undershirt for him. Bring along sweaters, pullovers, or shawls for multiple looks without needing somewhere to change. Just remember to lay out the combos for each of you beforehand to make sure they look good together.

Cowgirl Chic/Boho

Her: Bright or White Flowy or Lacy Dresses

Him: Solid Button-Ups, Dark Jeans

When: Spring/Summer

Where: In A Field, By The Barn, On The Farm

Layer It Up: Bring along a denim jacket and hat for two looks in one!

Romantic/Business Casual

Her: Knit Dress, Strappy Heels or Sandals

Him: Solid Button-Up, Dark Dress Pants or Jeans, Khakis, Dress Shoes or Sperrys

When: Anytime!

Where: Urban, In the City, At Your Venue, In A Coffee Shop, In A Garden

Layer It Up: Bring along a blazer for him (or you!) and maybe a cardigan for you.

Cute & Casual

Her: Long Solid Tops or T-Shirt Dress, Stylish Vest, Jeans, Boots, Statement Jewelry

Him: His Favorite Tee (bonus points if it contains colors that accent your top without both wearing the same color solid.

When: Anytime! However, Nikki's ensemble below, with it's warm orange and fur goes best with fall colors.

Where: Any place you might hang out during a day time date, or where you met!

Layer It Up: Bring along a black cardigan or shawl for a contrasting look, but be sure not to both wear the same color - you want to be able to distinguish your bodies.

Lumber Chic

Her: Soft Denim Button Up, Black Leggings, Fashion Boots, A Stylish Watch

Him: Plaid Flannel Button-Up, Vest or Pullover, Jeans, Boots

When: Fall!

Where: In A Park, In The Forest, At The Lake

Layer It Up: Katelynn & Evan each brought plaid shirts and smartly switched them out for two fall looks without overwhelming! Wearing a dark vest over the plaid also helps to keep it cute without being too much.

Retro Chic

Her: Short Spunky Cotton Dress, Roller Skates or Converse

Him: Cotton Tee, Dark Jeans, Roller Skates or Converse

When: Summer

Where: At A Park, In a Coffee Shop, Or Where You Met

Layer It Up: Either of you can pair a cute cardigan with this one.

Yacht Club Style

Her: Jumpsuit and Wedges

Him: Light Solid Button-Up, Dark Shorts or Khakis, Clean Sneakers or Sperrys

When: Spring or Summer

Where: Small Town Streets, The Beach, Lake, Poolside, or Your Venue (or your dream venue!)

Layer It Up: Keep this one simple and springy by skipping the layers.

Elegant Romance

Her: Short White & Lacy, Long Dusty Blue & Tulle - It really doesn't matter, any formal or dainty dress and elegant heels will do.

Him: Black Suits are a go-to, but never underestimate the power of a Navy Suit. Leather Dress Shoes. Match his shirt to her dress, or go for white.

When: Anytime

Where: An Elegant Venue, A Scenic Cliff, or A Coffee Shop or Restaurant

Tips To Remember

Dark colors and black are slimming as long as one of you goes dark and one goes light or bright.

Stripes, in addition to not typically being slimming, can mess with the camera.

Bold prints can be distracting. We want to notice you first, not your clothes.

If one of you wears a floral print or plaid, the other should wear a solid.

Only wear leggings if your shirt covers your rear.

Your images will look best if your clothes match or starkly contrast your environment. But as a general rule, dress equal to or dressier than your environment. For instance, a couple dressed for the Oscars in front of a grungy graffiti background is a great contrast. A couple dressed in T-Shirt and Jeans at an elegant marble mansion will look off putting.

Lay out everything both of you will be wearing together so that you can see it all at once. That way you can see that it all looks good as a single unit.

Don't forget to envision your outfits in the the grand color scheme of the background for the session.

If you're doing more than one location, do one casual outfit and one more formal.

Found a look that works for you? Tell me below!

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