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Your Love Story, Captured Frame By Frame, In Vivid Color
~ Wedding Films To Remember ~


All Video Packages start with 6 Hours of Continuous Coverage,

a 10-15 Minute Short Film, and a Sneak Peek Teaser Trailer.

~ $2400 ~

Add 2 Hours ~ $600

1 Minute Teaser Trailer ~ $200

2-3 Minute Highlight Film Film ~ $300

Custom Engraved USB Drive &  Heirloom Storage Box ~ $75


Do You Offer Combined Photo/Video Packages?

I started off my journey of applying my video skills to weddings by giving highlight films to my existing photo couples. I also had several weddings with an Associate where I would take photo or video and hire someone else to handle the other under my business name.

What I found through both of these options was that doing hybrid as a solo shooter meant important moments to their story would be missing from the film. And if they were not missing from the film, that meant they would be missing from the photos. And if they were included in both that meant I was using an unmanned tripod angle that I couldn't effectively guarantee quality from in focus and composition.

It also meant double the responsibilities to stay on top of, such as building time into the timeline for setting up a tripod and mic for the ceremony and speeches and not letting photos time delay me from being properly prepared for these.

Hiring an Associate for either job meant the stress of editing someone else's work, from someone else's equipment and artistic eye, to look just like my own. Long lenses and wide apertures play a major part in why my photos and films look the way they do. Even though I was there on the wedding day, I felt detached from the story when editing someone else's work. 

I also found that when adding these types of packages into my workflow, my turnaround times were doubled, as just as I would finish one medium of my couple's, I would still have another remaining to be edited.

For these reasons I no longer offer Photo or Video as a joint package. Even though so many couples are looking for this type of vendor, I have not found this type of package to be a good fit for me and my workflow.


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