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11 Ways to Honor a Loved One On Your Wedding Day

Whether a parent or grandparent has passed away, you've suffered the loss of a child, or you have a close loved one who is unable to be with you on your day, there are many ways to honor them.

Here are a few of my favorites from my brides:

1) A Bouquet Charm

Assuredly of of the most popular options is the bouquet charm. It can be a photo, or something more symbolic like this angel pin, but it guarantees they'll be there to walk you down the aisle, just don't forget to grab your bouquet! :)

If you aren't having a bouquet, or don't have anywhere to attach it, having the charm just for your photographer to include in detail photos works too!

2) A Custom Necklace

A perfect way to honor a lost child, a custom jewelry piece like this footprint necklace adds to your look while also being a touching tribute. It can also count as your something old or something new depending on if you wear it before the wedding!

3) A Fabric Patch

A fabric patch cut in the shape of a heart and sewn into the lining of your dress, especially near your heart, is a beautiful and private sentiment. This is a versatile option as it works just as well with fabric from a baby's onesie, dad's shirt or tie, or grandma's blouse. It could also be sewn into the lining of a suit or on the back of a tie.

4) A Remembrance Table

Also a popular option, this is a great choice if you have a number of loved ones from multiple families to honor.

You can make this as elegant or as simple as you like.

5) A Custom Accessory

A great option for those who have been gifted their mom's wedding dress but have fallen in love with something else, consider having a garter or ring bearer pillow made out of the fabric. Just be sure to ask permission if your mom is still living or if other family members might object to your upcyling project before you get out the scissors. And if you're not totally comfortable with sewing, it's best to let someone experienced, such as a seamstress or quilter grandma, do this for you.

6) An Heirloom

You can also keep it easy by simply wearing an heirloom that belonged to the person you want to remember.

7) A Reserved Chair

Feel as though they are watching your day by reserving a seat for a loved one who couldn't be there and including a photo. This works for honoring the passed, or living.

8) The Sign

We know you've seen it before. You can recite it by heart. But it it ain't broke, don't fix it right? Not every idea has to be original.

9) A Video Slideshow

A touching way to honor a deceased parent, consider a video slideshow in lieu of a special dance.

10) A Group Photo

Gather the family together with a photo to make it seem as if your loved one is right there with you.

11) Actually Bring Them

For those who are living but are sick or unable to travel, you can virtually bring them to your day via an iPad.

Are you planning one of these memorials for your wedding day? Did you find something new you hadn't considered before? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to let your photographer know if you choose to include any memorials in your day!


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